Chaos & Toys

Photo by Celeste Fabbris

Style Simone Botte

Photo 1
Dinosaurs by Jurassic Park Warner Bros, sunglasses Spectacles, socks Balenciaga, Necklace Vivienne Westwood, dolls by Funko Pop, mist by Pulse.

Photo 2

Ghost Chair Kartel, Simon Cracker cake bag and Pusheen maxi pin, Jog Dog Boots, Miffy Glass, bowtie Cor Sine Labe Doli , patch powerpuff girl by The Dots, Buddha lamp Tiger, vinile figure and pen by Pusheen Box, clutch Powerpuff Girls, Play Doh by Hasbro, necklace Peech, shorts Bad Deal.

Photo 3

Necklace Simon Cracker, sunglasses Valentino, ice-cream squishy and unicorn charm by Kawaii Box, camera Instax, shoes Dr Martens, trolls and toys by Universal.

Photo 4

Dragons and Pink Panther, teletubbies  by Universal, collar Massimo Crivelli, bunny peluche by Miffy, bag Missoni, Lol Surprise by Giochi Preziosi, shoes Mennell, vintage style light Tiger,

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